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| December 14th, 2016 capture

Development Cooperation: Making SADC parliamentarians’ voices heard

AWEPA interviews parliamentarians from the Southern African Development Cooperation Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF) at the Second High Level Meeting (HLM2) of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation (GPEDC) to hear their views on the role of parliament in development cooperation. Watch video
| August 29th, 2016 Capture

AWEPA Heads of Section share memories and hope for the future

In an informative overview, AWEPA’s Heads of Section in Europe provide an insight into AWEPA’s work and reveal their favourite memories of their time working with the organisation. These dedicated parliamentarians and former parliamentarians also share their optimism and hope for the future of development in Africa. Watch video
| July 24th, 2016 JvH

Mr. Johan Van Hecke on the value of AWEPA’s work

Mr. Johan Van Hecke is a former parliamentarian and the Political Coordinator of AWEPA’s Programmes in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. In this insightful interview, he examines what makes AWEPA’s work unique, discusses the value of cooperation between African and European parliamentarians and shares his views of the political situation in African countries. Watch video
| April 2nd, 2016 women empowerment front cover

Women’s rights and Women empowerment

Speakers at the October 2015 AWEPA High Level Seminar and AWEPA members shared their insights on the importance of women’s rights and women empowerment. In this short compilation, we hear from Hon. Els Van Hoof, AWEPA Political Coordinator; H.E. Macharia Kamau, Co-Chair of the UN Open WOrking Group on the SDGs; Mr. Martin Chungong, Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union; and Ms. Magda De Meyer, Head of the AWEPA Belgian Section. Watch video
| March 30th, 2016 Dr. r. Anneli Botha

Dr. Anneli Botha explores the root causes of terrorism

In this insightful exploration of the root causes of violent extremism and terrorism, Dr. Anneli Botha, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Security Studies of South Africa (ISS), reveals the findings of her own research in Uganda, Kenya and Somalia. This video was taken during the AWEPA High Level Seminar in Brussels in October 2015, which addressed the themes of Peace, Security and Sustainable Development. Watch video
| March 30th, 2016 Hon. Kerstin Lundgren

Hon. Lundgren on AWEPA Sweden and the value of dialogue

Video interview: Hon. Kerstin Lundgren, Head of the Swedish AWEPA Section, talks to AWEPA about the work and future plans of her Section, the African Union Agenda 2063 and the responsibility of AWEPA members to bring African issues to their own parliaments. In this engaging interview, Hon. Lundgren stresses the crucial importance of AWEPA’s work to increase dialogue and promote the exchange of experiences. Watch video
| March 30th, 2016 Hon. Maya Ingold

Hon. Ingold on AWEPA’s work and her hopes for the future

Video interview: In this informative overview, Hon. Maya Ingold, Head of the Swiss AWEPA Section, provides an insight into her Section’s work, activities and composition, and reveals the best aspects of being an AWEPA member. She highlights the value of AWEPA’s work and shares her optimism and hope regarding the dialogue created through the Parliamentary Forum of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (PF-ICGLR). Watch video