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The Spanish AWEPA Section has grown rapidly from 26 to 132 members over the past five years. One of the primary objectives of the Section is to continue growing in order to further increase the presence of AWEPA members among parliamentarians and former parliamentarians in Spain, and to continue functioning as an influential institution in the Spanish parliamentary circle.

Another of the Section’s important aims, now and for the future, is to increase the visibility of AWEPA’s work, both among parliamentarians and in Spanish society as a whole. AWEPA Spain also endeavours to raise awareness of the social challenges facing many African countries, including lack of democracy, conflict, human rights violations, integration of women into society, child poverty and the marginalisation of children, and the many people who are forced to flee their country, sometimes becoming refugees in Europe.

AWEPA Spain has carried out a number of activities making it an active, dynamic and increasingly visible organisation within Spain, known for its work for the defense of human rights and democracy in Africa. The Section strives to continue organising conferences, seminars and meetings, and attending events on African issues to increase AWEPA’s visibility and enhance public opinion.

The other members of the Executive Board of the Spanish AWEPA Section are Mr. Iñaki Mirena Anasagasti Olabeaga, Ms. María Antonia Avilés Perea, Hon. José Miguel Camacho Sánchez, Hon. Aitor Esteban Bravo, Ms. Matilde Fernández Sanz, Mr. Jordi Guillot Miravet, Mr. Jesús López-Medel Báscones, Hon. Narvay Quintero Castañeda, Hon. Beatriz Rodríguez-Salmones Cabeza, Mr. Pere Torres i Torres and Ms. Elvira Velasco Morillo.

Note from Mr. Maldonado
The honour of being appointed Head of the Spanish AWEPA Section has made AWEPA one of the priorities of my political and parliamentary life. I am therefore very excited to know that, once my time in parliament has come to an end, I will be able to continue my work as a former parliamentarian within an institution which aims to consolidate democracy and human rights in Africa.

So, one of the great things about AWEPA is that it opens doors to those parliamentarians who leave their parliamentary role behind for whatever reason, and allows them to continue working and collaborating alongside AWEPA, as many are doing already within the Spanish Section.