AWEPA at the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women

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AWEPA at the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women

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New York, USA – During the 59th Session of the Commission on the status of Women, a side event was hosted by the Government of Nigeria and the United Nations Millennium Campaign on 9 March 2015 on the role of Women Parliamentarians in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (post 2015) in Africa .

The Pan African Parliament has provided leadership in ensuring that parliaments across Africa seize the opportunities provided by the post 2015 process to advance their roles as gatekeepers and voices of the people.

Regarding the MDGs, parliaments want to be engaged in the design of the goals, targets and indicators. Women Parliamentarians are the first line of voices to address issues of gender equality, violence and discrimination affecting women on the continent.

Ms. Magda De Meyer, honorary MP, president  of the AWEPA section in Belgium and political coordinator of RFPAC (Réseau des femmes parlementaires d’Afrique Centrale) brought a goodwill message during this important event on behalf of AWEPA.

She stressed the common mission of AWEPA together with the national and regional parliaments of Africa and the Pan African Parliament,  to develop transparent, accountable and effective parliamentary bodies and to be actively engaged as parliamentarians towards achieving the sustainable development  goals.

Honorable Gina Sanze, Member of Parliament of the Central African Republic also took the floor to present the work of the Network of Women Parliamentarians of Central Africa (Réseau des femmes parlementaires  d’Afrique Centrale: RFPAC) .

RFPAC was founded by AWEPA more than 10 years ago on the demand of women parliamentarians to reinforce them in their important work, exchanging good practices, learning from each other, being supported by each other. Over the years a lot of important issues of the MDGs have been discussed such as maternal health, education of young girls, infant mortality, child marriage, land rights for women and so on.

AWEPA and RFPAC brought a clear message: we are ready to co-create and support the new SDGs.