AWEPA attends European Commission CSO Forum

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AWEPA attends European Commission CSO Forum

AWEPA Newsletter

Brussels, Belgium –AWEPA attended the Civil Society Organisation (CSO) Forum on “EU engagement with civil society and support for human rights”, held by the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium on 17-18 March 2016.

This interactive forum brought together CSOs from the international development and Human Rights constituencies with EU institutions and member states. Tapping into the wealth of experience and innovative practices in different constituencies, the Forum aimed to encourage constructive dialogue and gather feedback on best practices in providing support in the fields of human rights and international development.

AWEPA was represented by Project Officer Ms. Ingrid Johansen, who acted as a rapporteur at the Forum, with the task of wrapping up and summarising the session. Ms. Johansen also took the opportunity to develop fund-raising opportunities, network with key interlocutors from the European Commission and European Parliament, and establish new contacts and identify potential partners for AWEPA.

This was achieved through both participation in the Forum and the organisation of a number of meetings with key actors from EU institutions and CSOs. AWEPA also attended the Independence Day celebrations of Namibia in the Namibian Embassy, which provided an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with Namibian MPs.