AWEPA celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day

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AWEPA celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day

AWEPA Newsletter

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – AWEPA celebrates Nelson Mandela International Day, held on 18 July each year in order to commemorate the person who sacrificed so much for the freedom of his people.

The life and work of Mr. Mandela has continually inspired AWEPA since its establishment in 1984. The organisation’s history is rooted in the campaign against apartheid, and for the equality and freedom of all people, which Mr. Mandela cherished and exampled.

Indeed, in 1990, when Mr. Mandela visited the European Parliament after his release from prison, he met with AWEPA members and encouraged them to continue their work to help strengthen democracy in Africa. The meeting with the man who would, in four years, become the first non-white President of his country, therefore proved to be a catalyst for AWEPA’s future work in other parts of the continent.

AWEPA’s unconditional support for the South African liberation movement is something Mr. Mandela regularly expressed his value for, from meeting with AWEPA members in 1990 to accepting the first AWEPA Human Dignity Award in 2007.

Nelson Mandela’s lasting influence serves as inspiration for AWEPA and, indeed, for all those working for human rights and development in Africa today.