AWEPA Poland addresses challenges and opportunities facing African countries

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AWEPA Poland addresses challenges and opportunities facing African countries

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Warsaw, Poland – AWEPA’s Polish Section held a meeting with experts from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 8 June 2016 in the Polish Sejm. This meeting aimed to address the challenges and opportunities that stand before the Section in its activities for the new 2016-19 parliamentary term.

The newly re-established AWEPA Section in the Polish Parliament consists of the members from all political parties who are interested in African issues and would like to keep this important topic high on the political agenda in the Parliament.

The meeting, which opened the Section’s activities for the new term following the 2015 elections, was chaired by Hon. Killion Munyama, Head of the Section. Other participants included the directors and staff members from Ministerial Departments on Africa and Development Cooperation.

The aim of the meeting was to provide information on Poland’s Africa policy, including the countries of priority as well as national projects to provide aid to selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.

It should be noted that, according to new policy aims presented in the Parliament, Poland focuses on the region of East Africa and particularly Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania. In addition, development projects are also carried out in Senegal, which is also a country of special interest for Poland.

During the two hours of debate, the parliamentarians had the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on problems which afflict African countries including migration, natural disasters and famine. In particular, the participants asked where Poland invests the assistance, in which sectors the country directs its efforts, and what the future prospects are regarding further development of the ongoing democratic processes in African countries.

Hon. Munyama summed up the meeting by pointing out on the importance of providing ample information on AWEPA among all MPs in the Sejm and the Senate and attracting more interest in the Polish Section’s parliamentary work on the African topics.