The AWEPA Section in the European Parliament holds board meeting

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The AWEPA Section in the European Parliament holds board meeting

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European Parliament, Strasbourg – The AWEPA Section in the European Parliament held a board meeting, in which the members present elected Hon. Bodil Valero (Greens/EFA) as Chair of the Section and Hon. Urmas Paet (ALDE) as Vice Chair. Hon. Deidre Clune (EPP), Hon. Linda Mc Avan (S&D) and Hon. Godelieve Quisthoudht-Rowohl (EPP) are members of the board.

During the board meeting, Hon. Valero presented AWEPA’s priorities in 2015, which among others are: the topic of Women, Peace and Security, Child Marriage and the European Year for Development 2015.

The issue chosen by the members was Peace, Security and the Role of Women and it was decided to organise a seminar/hearing on this issue at the beginning of October 2015. In this seminar different themes could be raised, for example the difficult situation in some countries, such as Mali and Burundi.

In relation to these topics, it is worth mentioning that Hon. Valero takes part in the recently established working group which will guide the development of the programme, draft resolution and concept note of the annual AWEPA-EU Presidency conference. This year, the conference will address the issue of ‘Peace, Security and Sustainable Development’ and will bring together AWEPA’s African partners and European members.

The members decided to have a board meeting once every three months and an annual meeting every year. The next meeting will take place during the next Strasbourg session, in June 2015.

About Hon.Bodil Valero

Swedish MEP Hon. Bodil Valero is the Chair of the AWEPA Section in the EP. Hon. Valero has also been a dedicated member of the Swedish AWEPA Board and currently plays an important role in AWEPA as Political Coordinator for the Mozambique programme aimed at strengthening the democratic institutes in Mozambique, namely the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies, Municipalities and Political Parties. After 12 years in municipal politics and 8 years in the Swedish Parliament, Hon. Valero became a Member of the European Parliament in the group of the Greens in 2014. Over the years her focus has been on development cooperation, human rights, peace and security. Global justice issues and opportunities for people to move around in the world are of particular importance to her. In the EP she is a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.