First AWEPA Section meeting in the European Parliament after the elections

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First AWEPA Section meeting in the European Parliament after the elections

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Brussels, Belgium – A first AWEPA meeting was held after the 2014 elections in the European Parliament, chaired by Swedish MEP Hon. Bodil Valero. Ms. Bodil took the initiative to re-establish the AWEPA Section through this first event and welcomed the participants to come with ideas about the possible new structure of the Section and plans for the coming year. Ms. Tatjana van den Ham, AWEPA Programme Manager Europe briefed the audience about AWEPA’s mission, programmes, and in particular the role of Sections and members in AWEPA and the various initiatives in support of AWEPA’s work.

Hon. Gahler, MEP and AWEPA member emphasized the huge necessity for an organisation like AWEPA which focuses on strengthening parliamentarians not only on the technical side of their role, but also on substance. MEP and AWEPA Executive Committee member Hon. Quisthoudt-Rowohl added that information briefings and awareness raising on topics such as trade relations and natural resource management remain very important in light of building the capacities of the colleagues in Africa.

The participants of the meeting and the AWEPA Members of the EP Section will be engaged in the further process of forming a new AWEPA Section in the EP, which includes the appointment of a new Head of Section succeeding the former Head Mr. Filip Kaczmarek, whom left Parliament.

About Hon. Bodil Valero

Swedish MEP Hon. Bodil Valero is the initiator of the AWEPA Section in the EP.

Ms. Valero has also been a dedicated member of the Swedish AWEPA Board and currently plays an important role in AWEPA as Political Coordinator for the Mozambique programme aimed at strengthening the democratic institutes in Mozambique, namely the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies, Municipalities and Political Parties.

After 12 years in municipal politics and 8 years in the Swedish Parliament Ms.Valero  became a Member of the European Parliament in the group of the Greens in 2014. Over the years her focus has been on development cooperation, human rights, peace and security. Global justice issues and opportunities for people to move around in the world are of particular importance to her. In the EP she is a member of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs and delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly.