AWEPA Staff meets in Kampala, Uganda

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AWEPA Staff meets in Kampala, Uganda

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Kampala, Uganda – AWEPA staff from the African national offices, regional offices (Kampala and Cape Town), as well as the European offices in Brussels and Amsterdam (Headquarters) held a meeting in Kampala from 5-8 May 2015, in the framework of the NIMD-AWEPA Strategic Partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The staff members were briefed on the process and received guidelines on how to shape and contextualise the different facets of the Partnership which will be implemented in a number of African countries.

Furthermore, the meeting was held to discuss and brainstorm about the potential focus areas of the programme under the Strategic Partnership which will officially commence in January 2016.

The meeting also provided space for interaction between the AWEPA programme staff from the different countries in order to stimulate exchange of good practices and mutual learning.