EALA Planning Meeting held in Kampala

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EALA Planning Meeting held in Kampala

AWEPA Newsletter

Kampala, Uganda – EALA’s annual planning meeting took place on 27-29 July 2015. Prior to this, a preparatory meeting was held on 16-19 July and a post approval process and induction took place on 30-31 July. The Planning exercise was co-funded by EALA and AWEPA and was attended by EALA Commissioners, EALA Committee Chairs and staff, East African Community (EAC) management and AWEPA staff.

The annual programme was the main focus of these meetings, which sought to identify dates and resources for the proposed activities. The meetings aimed to streamline the activities that EALA seeks to implement in line with its strategic plan and the overall EAC development strategy.

The work was accomplished through a capacity building retreat with three resource persons to train the team on planning, resource mobilisation, budget management and implementation and budget evaluation. Participants were also introduced to modern management systems and how to customise these to planning and parliamentary processes.  The series of meetings was punctuated by presentations, work plan proposals, sub-groups and finally an adoption and effectively an approval process. There was also priority setting for future activities.

The objectives of the annual planning exercise were five-fold, namely;

  •  To enhance the capacity of EALA Members and staff on matters of planning, management and budget execution and reporting;
  •  To rationalise dates for all EALA activities in order to enhance the participatory role of external stakeholders;
  • To identify and place resources to their planned use;
  • To prioritise activities for the next planning year in preparation for the EAC Pre-budget conference;
  • To produce a report of the workshop.

The planning exercise aimed to establish an enhanced legislative agenda, collect data on the frugal use of scarce resources availed and identify EALA’s priorities for the next budget cycle.