#EYD2015: Women and Girls in the spotlight

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#EYD2015: Women and Girls in the spotlight

AWEPA Newsletter

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 2015 is a landmark year for international aid and development cooperation as the Millennium Development Goals come to their conclusion. Based on these, the world will come together to agree on a new course of action and post-2015 development agenda.

Each month, the European Year for Development 2015 focuses on a different theme involved in development around the world, to raise awareness of the benefits of the EU’s development cooperation in that field, and encourage direct involvement, critical thinking and active interest of EU citizens.

March 2015: A month dedicated to Women and Girls

In many parts of the world, the simple fact of being born a girl will already put you at a disadvantage. According to the European Commission, many women experience discrimination throughout their lives, for example by being kept out of school as girls, by not being able to find decently paid jobs when they grow up, not being able to access basic health services for themselves and their children, and by being denied their right to social protection and inheritance in old age.

The European Parliamentarians with Africa have been working to put women and girls at the center of development. AWEPA focus on how to effectively reach and empower women and girls to improve health, development, politics and gender equality, mainly through the Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting ProgrammeNetwork Of Women Parliamentarians Of Central Africa (RFPAC) and Supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia Programme.