Inside look: Recent activities of the Greek AWEPA Section

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Inside look: Recent activities of the Greek AWEPA Section

AWEPA Newsletter

Athens, Greece – Following the Greek legislative elections in September 2015, the Greek AWEPA Section has organised a number of activities to boost its presence and impact on political life in Greece.


Meeting with AWEPA members

Through an informal meeting held on 11 February 2016, Head of Section Mr. Theodossis Georgiou engaged with existing AWEPA members to stimulate their interest in the organisation, and keep them updated about the recent and upcoming activities organised by AWEPA and the Section.

All of the attendants reiterated their strong support and their will to remain actively involved in AWEPA.

Plans were made to arrange a second meeting to report back on the Meeting of AWEPA Political Coordinators, Senior Parliamentary Advisors and Heads of Section held in the Netherlands on 18-19 March 2016.


Reaching out to parliamentarians

Mr. Georgiou attended a meeting with Hon. Ioannis Tragaki, Hon. Katerina Papakosta and Hon. Kostas Tsiaras on 8 May 2016.

All three of these Greek parliamentarians have had contact with AWEPA before, having spoken at the Parliamentary dialogue in the margins of the Hellenic Presidency to the EU in March 2014. Together with Mr. Georgiou, they discussed ways to keep Greek parliamentarians informed about AWEPA and its work.


Building relations with Ambassadors
A Glance to the future

As part of its ongoing efforts to increase the network and impact of the Section, AWEPA Greece has also been strengthening relations with the Embassy of South Africa in Athens.

Following a long meeting with the Ambassador of South Africa, H.E. Marthinus Christoffel Johannes van Schalkwyk in January, Mr. Georgiou has been invited to address African Ambassadors to Greece at a meeting on “Keeping African on the Greek agenda” which will take place in Athens in April. Mr. Georgiou will brief the attendees on AWEPA’s mission and programmes in Africa.