A Rules of Procedure Committee Workshop takes place in Kampala

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A Rules of Procedure Committee Workshop takes place in Kampala

AWEPA Newsletter

Kampala, Uganda – A workshop for the Rules of Procedure Committee was successfully completed from 2 to 8 March 2015, in the capital of Uganda, related to the planning of the Sixth Session of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. The workshop was organised within the framework of AWEPA’s Programme “Supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia”.

During the workshop, the participants discussed the proposed amendments to the draft Code of Conduct and the Rules of Procedure. Furthermore, the following draft laws were examined:

·         The Privileges and Immunities of the National Federal Parliament

·         The Laws of Parliament Act

·         The Retirement Benefits of the President, Speaker and the Prime Minster

·         The Members of Parliament Pension Scheme

After lengthy discussions, the above draft documents were overwhelmingly supported by the Committee for presentation to the Standing Committee.

The Speaker of the Federal Republic of Somalia HE Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari and the second Deputy Speaker of the Federal Parliament of Somalia Mr. Mahad Abdalla Awad addressed the participants in the opening session of the workshop.

On the last day of the workshop, the Speaker spent two hours with a team – comprising of the Consultant, the Rapporteur, the Secretary General, the Clerk to the Rules of Procedures Committee and the AWEPA Somalia Programme Coordinator- which updated and simultaneously translated the Rules of Procedure by incorporating the approved proposed amendments, making the Rules of Procedure ready for presentation to the Plenary during the Sixth Session.

This workshop is a part of series of workshops taking place in the month of March and the first week April 2015, while the House of the People in Somalia is in recess.