Somalia: Building the administrative capacities of parliamentary staff

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Somalia: Building the administrative capacities of parliamentary staff

AWEPA Newsletter

During March 2016, AWEPA organised a series of capacity building trainings for 22 staff members of the National Federal Parliament (NFP) of Somalia. The key objective of these trainings was to equip the staff with the skills and knowledge required to improve the NFP’s administrative systems, procedures and practices. These activities took place in the framework of the AWEPA “Supporting Legislative Institutions in Somalia” programme.

The trainings addressed various topics, including the establishment of Human Resource Management (HRM) systems; the digitisation and management of parliamentary records; and the establishment of effective Records and Information Management systems.

The first training was held from 27 February to 1 March 2016. It focused on the principles and practices of HRM services and effective performance management systems. The training also highlighted the important role of HRM services in realising the Parliament’s vision, mission and strategic objectives.

The second training (for the same group of participants),  held on 2-4 March 2016, was aimed at building the capacity of staff  to develop the basic principles, systems, procedures and practices of Records and Information Management. The staff participated in interactive discussions on the need to have a robust information reservoir and information management system to ensure that the Parliament is able to carry out oversight over the Executive.

For the third training, held on 5­-7 March 2016, AWEPA conducted a review of the current process for keeping a record of plenary and committee proceedings. The objective of the review was to develop an improved system for capturing parliamentary proceedings and records, and for tracking bills and other parliamentary papers. This system is expected to strengthen the Parliament’s capacity to account to the citizens by providing them with accurate and timely information on its Parliament.

This was followed by the final staff training on the digitisation of parliamentary records, held on 8-10 March 2016. During the training, the participants interacted with a qualified AWEPA consultant in reviewing the current records system in place and analysing its strengths and weaknesses. Concrete output of the activity was the jointly designed manual of guidelines on how to digitise the records of the NFP.