Uganda: Strategic Partnership kicks off with policy design and implementation training

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Uganda: Strategic Partnership kicks off with policy design and implementation training

AWEPA Newsletter

Kampala, Uganda – AWEPA organised a two-day training workshop for staff on “policy design and implementation”, held in Kampala, Uganda, on 29-30 March 2016. The workshop kicked off AWEPA’s Strategic Partnership programme with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) in Uganda, funded by the Netherland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The workshop covered a range of topics including Uganda’s policy management framework, the policy-making process and best practices in policy and law making.

The intended result of the training was to strengthen the capacities of staff from selected parliamentary committees to develop, analyse and scrutinise bills and policies from the Executive in order to contribute to more effective policy analysis. The workshop also aimed to equip these staff members with the relevant skills in drafting cabinet memoranda, and to sensitise them to the importance of regulatory impact assessment in the policy making process.

The participants were introduced to concrete tools, methods and best practices including regulatory impact assessment; best practice in policy and law making; stakeholder consultations and involvement; and policy communication. In addition, they were invited to discuss common challenges which affect their work in policy design and implementation, and to put forward recommendations and possible solutions.

Among their recommendations, the participants highlighted further training to increase their analytical skills, and their knowledge of monitoring and evaluation procedures and the techniques of carrying out Regulatory Impact Assessment.

The skills and knowledge acquired, combined with the positive attitude exhibited during this workshop, will enable staff from the various committees of the Ugandan Parliament to provide valuable technical assistance to Members of Parliament with respect to the efficient analysis and formulation of bills and policies.

As a result of the activity, the staff members committed to undertake critical analysis and evaluation of policies, assess all options before making a decision, carry out evidence-based research, and consult with all stakeholders during policy development.

Concluding the workshop, the facilitator stressed the importance of training.

“It’s hard to think of an important aspect of management which is more neglected than development planning: helping your employees shape the future direction of their careers. Yet for a variety of reasons, this valuable activity is often ignored… or handled as a bureaucratic exercise… or an afterthought.”

Also in conclusion, Mr. Namara Andrew, AWEPA Programme Manager, pledged AWEPA’s continued efforts to support the Parliament of Uganda and empower parliamentary staff.