Workshop for the Somali Women Parliamentarians Association

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Workshop for the Somali Women Parliamentarians Association

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After approximately three Months of Parliamentary recess from April until July 2017, AWEPA could implement few activities for Members of the Somali Parliament. However after the resumption of Parliamentary business, activities were continued with a joint AWEPA-Somalian Parliament three days Workshop for the Somali Women Parliamentary Association (SOWPA) at the beginning of August at Villa Hargaysa, Mogadishu, Somalia.

This training included members of SOWPA from both the House of the People and the Upper House of the Somalia Federal Parliament. Hon. Bibi Khalif Mohamed, the current caretaker Chairperson of SOWPA formally opened the workshop and thanked AWEPA for the continuous support to Somali Women Members of Parliament.

1.1 Objectives and Content of the Workshop
The objectives of the training workshop included the following:
• Help participants in their understanding of the role and responsibility of a Member of Parliament, specifically a women member;
• Help participants in their understanding the role of a women Member in conflict resolution and peace building including a greater appreciation for UN resolution 1325;
• Help participants acquire the modern concepts, policies and practices of effective mobilization, public speaking and communication;
• Open up the role of SOWPA in effective Parliamentary Work;
• Address the leadership challenges to women Members of Parliament;

1.2 Action Plans
The following action-plans were agreed as the way forward:
a) SOWPA membership subscription
The participants’ agreed to collect the signatures of the women members of both houses for the subscription of SOWPA within one week from 3rd August to 10th August 2017. Hon. Bibi Khalif the former chairperson of SOWPA is responsible for this activity.
b) General Meeting of Members
After the members’ subscribe to SOWPA, there will be a general meeting of the members within three weeks, from 11th August to 1st September 2017 and the members will select the election committee from among themselves following the rules of procedure.
c) SOWPA Election
The election committee will organize SOWPA executive election within two weeks from 2nd September to 16th September 2017.
d) It was also agreed to amend the Rules of Procedure.
e) Discuss the draft Strategic Plan
AWEPA Will Support these Action Plans by providing the technical and logistical support.