Zero Tolerance Day in the Netherlands and Belgium

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Zero Tolerance Day in the Netherlands and Belgium

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The International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), on 6 February each year, is a time to make the world aware of this harmful practice.

In the Netherlands Platform 6/2 organised a meeting in The Hague on this day, with a special focus on the role of men in the fight against FGM/C. The meeting brought together more than 80 participants. Please see below the programme of the meeting.

Platform 6/2 is an umbrella group which is made up of Defence for Children, Federation of Somali Associations in the Netherlands (FSAN), Pharos, Vluchtelingen Organisaties Nederland (VON), Plan Nederland and AWEPA.

That same day, AWEPA has also organised a meeting at the Belgian Federal Parliament, in cooperation with GAMS and Intact. This event was attended by 55 participants, among them six MPs from different political parties. During the meeting, AWEPA presented its parliamentary guidelines on FGM/C, and GAMS and Intact presented their recent research studies on the issue of FGM/C to the audience. [insert link to programme]. As a result of the meeting, the three organisations decided to organise an annual activity in Belgium in the framework of Zero Tolerance Day to FGM.

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